360° insights,
365 days a year.

Our space intelligence marketplace provides unprecedented access to holistic, “always-on” monitoring of happenings here on Earth.

With proprietary AI processing capabilities, raw data from our vast network of satellites gets converted into affordable, actionable insights that transform how our customers do business, logistics, ESG, supply chain, finance and much more.

Automated Reporting

Evaluating performance against ESG goals and requirements is now faster and easier than ever before. AI analysis of affordable, high-quality satellite data provides meaningful insights into your business’s environmental impacts, risks, and opportunities without costly manual data collection and reporting.

Anomaly Detection

Know more and know earlier. With frequent revisit and AI-driven automatic issue identification, satellite monitoring simplifies and de-risks remote infrastructure management with predictive power.

Risk Assessment

Evaluate asset portfolios, conduct compliance validation, and assess damage from above. With  AI algorithms specially trained to detect unique characteristics and patterns, our APIs help customers leverage accurate, automated, and affordable insights from space, mitigating risk and driving profitability.